Last posts not shown on homepage after wordpress v5 install

Hello! I really need your help.
I have the following problem: after updating wordpress to vers 5.0 the last posts are not shown anymore on homepage. It shows only the last posts that were published 16 days ago in chronological way. For example - today in 18.12.2018 I can see all the articles published until 02.12.2018. In the period 02-18.12.2018 I can not see anything on homepage, it’s like a delay.
I post every day a new article and it’s really frustrating that I can see my last post on the photo slider installed below the header but I can not see it as a preview article on homepage.
In settings is already established that on homepage I want to see the last 8 articles published but unfortunately nothing works. I already uninstalled/installed all my plugins but again nothing changes.
Can you help me with an advice or at least where should I go in theme editor to make manual changes? Thank you in advance!

Good morning

Looks like you already fixed your problem? i see plenty of posts in the slider, they are more than 8

Hello again. Now everything works. A misterious check box appeared in slider section saying like: check to exclude slider post from homepage posts. And I saw below that all slide posts in the list were checked. Now I unchecked all of them and now all the posts appear on homepage. Thank you!


I am glad that you solved that issue.

I will go ahead and close this thread.

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