Latest Update Issues

So I updated the theme tonight, and noticed an issue with the Contact Us Section, Everything that is set under the General tab isn’t appearing on the website. All the Details appear alone.


Can you pass us the website login address in a private reply to check the issue?

Let us know,



Everything looks fine when viewing from the admin area and frontend when logged in, but if you log out and look at the frontend, the Titles of each line vanish.

Sent, but never done it before so I hope only you can see it.

Hi @breck,

Fixed the issue in your website, now take a look :slight_smile:

PS: The issue will be fixed in the next version. :slight_smile:

Let us know,


Still looks the same. Not fixed.

If you look at the images I have attached, the ‘Address’ and ‘Customer Support’ titles appear only if logged in.
If not logged in, the don’t appear.

It would also be nice if you could set it up for people to adjust the font color for the lines over the main image.
As well as change the color of the 2 boxes. They are difficult to see at times with some images in the background.
I had to change the image several times to find one that didn’t make it impossible to read.

Hi @breck,

It works without login too, I already fixed that. :slight_smile:

You mean these two buttons? Shop New Store & Shop Old Store you want to change the border color of the button and the background?

Let us know,


Unless you can see things that are invisable, your picture doesn’t show it either.
Doesn’t show words “Address” and “Customer Support”. Or are they not supposed to show?

And yes the 2 buttons and the color of the lettering above it.
It’s something that should be easily adjusted from the admin area.
I’m ok with what I have now and going to leave it but it be nice to easily adjust it.

Updated theme today and issue still not fixed.

Address and Customer Support titles still missing.

So I guess this will never get fixed?
Nearly 8 months later and a couple updates, but the issue has never been fixed.

It’s rather disappointing that after all this time I have received no replies and this problem hasn’t been fixed.

Your support rather sucks.