Latin Demo Data

I have been rejected by Google Adsense due to Latin or Demo data still on my site. I believe I have it all off but I do not have a tool to test it. I read another post asking for the same thing, but I could not make out your answer. I thought you said there was not and was a way in the same answer. You said to go to appearance>widget>menu There is no menu at the end of widget, however there is a navagation menu, however I fail to see what is in the navagation menu that can do this. If there is indeed no tool within Word Press, do you know of an online tool to do this. If not, can you give a protocol of where to look to get all the demo data off. Thanks in advance.

hey there

Im sorry but, what is your problem? im unable to understand your problem, all I need is a very brief description of the problem, and link to the site, avoid for any interpretation, just a raw problem description :slight_smile:

I need all demo data removed from the site. How do I do that?

You need to remove pages, posts, comments imported during the demo installation, to do this you have to go over them, select and delete, that’s it :slight_smile: