Lawncare Zip not loading into wordpress

I need a compatible format of for a wordpress site. Since I did purchase the theme and support for one year I expect this to be compatible or list that it is not, which it does neither. If that is not a possibility I will gladly accept a refund or exchange for a similar supported theme.

hey there

I’m sorry but it’s not a WordPress theme, it’s not possible to install it as a theme in WordPress, you have to use it as an HTML template


This is not going to be a possibility for this client. Suggestion for your site, add a much clearer compatibility information. The way your site works now is very scammy. There is no reason for your group not to issue refunds or issue clear information regarding compatibility. After my message I reviewed the forum and I am by far not the first to complain about this. I suspect your group is not in the US or I would report you to the BBB for on going intentional poor customer service and intentionally misleading customers. When i purchase and download something called a “Theme” I am not interested in an “HTML Template” and your group knows that.

Hey there

Sorry for misunderstood @digitalbysimon but the theme, does not mean it’s a WordPress theme, it’s listed as a website template, not as a WordPress theme.

Regarding refund, you need to fill the contact form on the main domain to get the refund.