Licence Duration

I’d like to buy a Single Template License for the “The Palatin” theme.
I just haven’t understood if the price (19$) is an annual price (so I have to pay it each year) or if it is an “una tantum” cost, and which are the restriction for this type of licence.

Thank you

hey there

Its a one-time purchase, once you pay it you will get the rights to use it for a lifetime :slight_smile:


Hi sir, you have amazing Html5 templates here.I just wanna know some info. So i can buy Roberto HTML template in section HTML & Bootstrap Website Templates for 19$ dollar price (i wanna be sure that i will get html code not WordPress), and i can remove link back to you than (using some code, or licence file or whatever u will provide me after paying) and use this template code on my multi domain aspDotNet web application? I already acknowledge 5 domains max per single license.

yes, you may use it on your website, no problem here, please check more details here:

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