License Situation ?


First I want to thank you for your great and pro works.
I want to make a wordpress theme. Can I use sparkling or other themes as base. The new theme will not be close to these. It will be very very and absolutely different job with changes every where and some added plugins …

What I’m saying is : They will be like skeleton or pattern. Also off course I will add credits and your link with it.

Thanks in advance

You can feel free to modify and redistribute this theme as long as you keep credits for my work.

Also, would love to see what you make out of this theme. I am just curious :slight_smile:

I will let you know when it is ready.

Thank you so much

Excuse me, just to be sure. Is it about all of Colorlib themes? or just sparkling?

@Asasi All are the same, with the same license agreements, so feel free to modify any of those.