Licensing Question


I searched on Google and found this page: 55 Best Free Bootstrap Registration Forms For All Sites 2021 - Colorlib
On this page, it says all of these forms are free. But when I download them, it says I can’t remove the footer credits from these forms.

Looking at the source code, many of these forms don’t have any footer credits except for HTML comments. Some of these templates don’t have any sort of copyright code at all.

So… my questions are.

  1. For the forms that have footer credits as an html comment, do I have to pay to remove the HTML comments? Or, am I supposed to create my own visible attribution for visitors (which I hope I don’t because I’m a broke college student that barely knows HTML & CSS)
  2. For the forms without any footer credits at all, can I just write an HTML comment for attribution?


Edit: Nevermind! I received an email saying it was okay.

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yes, you have to obtain one of the licenses and its explained here:

What are the precise answer to forms, that don’t have any footer credit? Is it possible to use them without providing any footer credit?


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Without using license you have to credit author, you have to provide author credit somewhere on your website, for example, if you are using the search form at the end of the page you have to display a link to our website, with the license you can ignore this

Dear colorlib,
i got a website template and used it,
After uploading it to my webhosting (Strato) its not working.
It gives me a permission error.
Is there anything i can do to change this?

Thank you.

Hi there

Dadaan, as a fast workaround please contact to your hosting support, most probably this is hosting related issue because this is an HTML template and there mist be a no problem

I used a colorlib free template and since the copyright in the footer was removable I thought I could remove it so I did an continued building my website then I published it but it didn’t work I tried many times and with different hosting too after that I thought it might be the copyright and I should put it back??? Is that true I tried to put back the copyright it is still not working
My website is

HI Enas

What exactly is not working? what is your problem? removing footer credit cant harm website functionality