Life time Purchase cost or one year cost license

I’d like to buy a Single Template License for the “Clyde” theme.
I not understood the price (19$) is an one time purchase cost or I have to pay it each year . Can i get lifetime license for commercial use After paying $19 ??

Thank you

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No, it’s a lifetime price for one template :slight_smile:

What is subscription mention in your receipt , pl refer attached screenshot of your receipt. why it is showing $19 /Yearly till cancelled? Not Understand ,
Screen Shot


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Please take my apologies, I was wrong, subscription plan was changed recently, and looks like I was not in a course at the proper time, you have rules and dates in the purchase receipt

Sorry once again


Pl go through above attached screen shot “subscription” not mentioned anywhere. go through your purchase link “Clyde - Free One Page Portfolio Website Template 2021 - Colorlib”.

Not mention regarding “subscription” in your Colorlib License’s page…

We bought it because there is no any term like “subscription”.
so request you to remove Subscription from my account for clyde template.

I am also confused by this. On the pricing page it would appear that the 19 dollars is for lifetime use of the website. However this thread is suggesting there may be payments required to continue using the site (even if no updates or support is required). I spent some considerable time building a website with this template.

Can you confirm if:
You must pay 19/yr to use the website without referencing colorlib
You can pay 19 as a one time fee and use the website without referencing colorlib for life.

Thank you

Hey there

The second point from your list:
“You can pay 19 as a one time fee and use the website without referencing colorlib for life.”