Lifetime license not being recognized

I bought your lifetime license last year, and am attempting to download another template. However your site does not recognize the license and does not allow me to download any templates. Please reinstate the license attached to my account.

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Sorry, I’m unable to handle such a request, please use the contact form on the main site and you will be directed to an appropriate team member


I’ve tried that and still have not heard a response. I’ve got a client waiting on this request. Please push them to respond to my request.

They wont allow you to use the old licence. They will just tell you your licence was a year licence and is no longer valid even tho it was a lifetime one. I have the same one costs ($99) and they just fobbed me off

Just answered the same question here:

I understand that conditions change, however, I have already quoted out a client unaware that those conditions had changed. All I ask for is full access to one template (Game Warrior) under the original license terms. If I am given that I wont pursue this matter further and will accept the license under its new terms.

@BruteSoftworks please take my apologies, you need to use the contact us form on the main domain to reach the appropriate team members, I cant solve such problems :frowning:

Very well, Do you have a formal copy of the terms and conditions for the unlimited license? I can’t find anything other than what’s advertised. I’d like to be fully informed If I decide to purchase another unlimited license.

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This is the page with the definition of the licenses:
Licence - Colorlib

Hope this helps