Like and Tweet buttons for WordPress theme?


Is there a “like” button available, or is that through a plugin?

Also, getting ready to migrate from localhost to a hosting site. Any tips?


Like buttons are usually plugin powered. For most of the website I used Jetpack plugin It provides several other great features as well.
You can use any other social sharing plugin for this theme and most of them should work well.

If you don’t have a hosting account just yet we can come up with something. I have several VPS servers and most of them are now with 20-30% load so I can host your website for you. Can provide you with WP setup and other support.

Otherwise you need to move your wp-content to server and import/export your database. The rest of WordPress files are unnecessary as far as you already have WordPress installed on your server.

I don’t know your hosting status, so it is hard to give some exact tips that would cover your case. If you are having any difficulties, let me know and I will try to help with that.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll take a look at jetpack.

I do have a hosting account that I use for a couple of self built sites. This is my first foray into the world of wordpress. So wp-content and my database are what I need to transition. That’s helpful. Do I need to set up travelify on the hosting server, or will come with my content and database?

Theme files are located in wp-content/themes so they will be uploaded to server. Settings you have created via Theme Options are saved in database so they will be transferred via database.

Posts, pages etc are inside database as well. Plugins are in the wp-content/plugins so they will be transferred as well.