Like, share, tweet Buttons

Hi Aigars!

I tried to add like, share and tweet buttons to the theme. I searched plugins, but there are either different plugins that don’t match in style and positioning or plugins that add google analytics code to the side, wich I don’t want. Is there a way your theme itselfs supports this options?
Adding share like tweet and other buttons to sites and posts?

Thanks! Liyah

Hello there,

In the same situation here, would like to add those “Share it” icons that you get on your sample themes below the post itself. Have asked in other forums with not much luck.


There are hundreds of different social sharing plugins out there and most of theme are compatible with Travelify or any other Colorlib theme.

For theme we use Jetpack and its social sharing module. You can read more about it and download it from here. Here you can see this plugin in action. They also offers different style for these buttons to choose from.