Limit Number Of Posts On Front Page

How do I change the number of posts on the front page? It is currently displaying 4 but I’d rather display 3 to match up better to my sidebar.

Also, my Blog page is not working? I have it set as Blog for Posts Page but Your Latest Posts for the Static Front Page.

My site is

  1. You can set number of posts displayed on first page via settings available in WordPress dashboard - Settings - Reading.

  2. The same Blog/Static page settings are controlled via the same settings page.

Here you can see how all your settings should look in order to set first page as static (no blog posts but a single page) and blog page with blog posts.

Wow, feeling very duh on the number of posts. Your stuff is so great I didn’t even think to check the dashboard settings.

The blog page is still not showing correctly. From the menu bar the link is:

This is what it looks like on my reading setting:

Reading Settings

Is there no way to display latest posts on the front page and link to a blog page of posts as well?

You already have a blog on the front page that way you don’t need another dedicated blog page. If you will create dedicated blog on your “Blog” page then you will get two exact same pages with posts.

If you want that then you can replace “Blog” with your website URL and name it a Blog by using WordPress Custom Menu. For that you can use Link option for Custom Menu. Please see documentation for that.