Limit posts on category pages

My blog is

it has two kinds of content. The first is what my blog is primarily about - brief marketing case studies on beautiful and excellent marketing executions. The second is funny captioned pictures.

I don’t mind the default setting for how many posts show up on my main page, what I would like to do is limit how many posts show up on my “funny pictures category page”. Is there a way that I can do this?

I’m currently using “simply exclude” to exclude posts categorized as “funny pictures” from the home page.

You can change number of posts displayed in archive and blog page by changing settings in WordPress dashboard - Reading - “Blog pages show at most”. But it will change number of posts in all archive pages and also on your blog.

IF you want to change them separately you should either use some plugin (I am not aware of any but I believe that some should be available). Other option is to implement your own solution for that. Here is one example from official WordPress documentation. And here are two other that you might find useful as well. One and Two.