Link and button color don't change

Hi again

I have changed the colors from Customize - Shapely Options - Layout options and saved, but it still has the purple color on both links and buttons. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

See here: and here

Forgot to mention that it on the front page they appear fine (in the widgets). It’s only on the other pages that the colors don’t work as set.

Sorry I need to update again.

LINKS: it seems that actually the links DO appear correctly (red) the first time, but they become purple after clicking. Is there an easy way to NOT make the links go purple after clicking?

BUTTONS: the button on the other hand is just always purple even though I changed the color from customization. Any fix?

Never mind, SORTED!

Awesome great to see you got that sorted.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!