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Hi there,

New user today, and I don’t understand what to put in the link button areas. For the current page I’m building I want them all to link to the ‘contact us’ section at the bottom of the page. (the home page).

I’d also like to understand how to make them link to a different page (once I build one).

Site build is

sorry if this is a totally newbie question, haven’t encountered this type of ‘link’ system before it seems!

Good morning shaun

Have you tried our documentation? if no then please check it out here:

Hi Noda,

Could you explain exactly where on that documentation page the information about how to create button links is please? I watched it all today to set up my website to where it is now, but I didn’t see any information about how to create these links, which is why I created this support ticket.

Otherwise if you could assist me in explaining how to do it I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks so much and thanks for your prompt reply!

Hello @dshanhun,

I hope you are doing well today.

In order to add links to the homepage you need to edit the widgets available via Appearance > Widgets then add a Shapely widget to the front page and there would be an option in the widget to assign a link. If there is not a field for the link then the widget does not work with links and you would have to replace that widget with another.

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I have done this and there are several widgets. What I’m asking is what do I put in the ‘link’ box. The link boxes in each widget just has a ‘#’ symbol. I have attached a screenshot. If you could explain what I should write in the ‘button 1 link’ box that currently just has a ‘#’ in it - so that this button links to the contact form widget lower on the page that’d be excellent.


attached smaller file.


You have to enter link instead of #, if you want to know what is a url or link, please check this link:

these links are for navigation on other pages, not on the page sections, so, if you want to connect it to the contact us section that’s not possible