link color in About Page

Hi, I tried but couldn’t figure out about ABOUT page…

  1. I set link as Grey color and all the links in posts are Grey as I set. However, some of the link in About page appeared Green. * Only one link is Grey. Would you take a look here? (ABOUT - Style Imported) How can I set as Grey (same as posts)?

  2. Google analytics is shown in the bottom of About page, How can I remove it?

  1. You copy/pasted it from somewhere and it has inline styling applied to those links. Remove inline styling from those URLs.

  2. Analytics are loaded in your website by using GADWP Universal Tracking, so no issues there.

Analytics works good, but I don’t want to show it in “About” page.
Please take a look my About page and let me know how to remove it

  • I tried to remove it in Edit page, but nothing there…

Probably it is for registered users/admins only as I can’t see anything:

You still haven’t removed in-line CSS styles from your links.