Link homepage widget button to another section (widget)?

I’d like the “more” button in my homepage widget to link to the “about us” section below. I’ve looked into anchor tags but didn’t get very far. This is my site:


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Have you seen documentation of the theme? please check how are have menus used to connect them to page section with the exact same way you can use for the button,

Thanks for your reply Noda. I watched several of the videos and while I learned a lot, I couldn’t find anything specific to my question. I did search through this forum more thoroughly, however, and found an older answer. The URL to the ‘about us’ section should be something like this:

Can you please help me figure out the exact link?

Ah ha! I got it! I followed this guide to get the widget ID:


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That’s it, you did it :slight_smile:
Is there anything else for me?

I’m good! Thank you.

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!