Linkedin - link opened on a new page


In the team section, I put that for each of the members you can open the related linkedin page.
How can I open it on another page? so as to leave the website open.

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You can try using this plugin to have the links open in a new tab:

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All right, thanks for the plug-in.
But can not I change to href with the target = “_ blank” code?
I do not know where to add it, however, this code.

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Myneks, if you want to solve this by code you need to customize theme little bit or add new functions that will open link in the new tab, otherwise, you have to search for third-party plugins

Can you help me? I would like to insert the code “target =” _ blank “”, inspecting the page I can do it but only with a preview of my interface.

I can not find the file where the code is inserted <i class =" ago fa-linkedin “target =” _ blank “rel =” nofollow "> </ i>


In that case, you would have to edit the team PHP template located in sections/front-page-team.php.

Before you edit that file, you should use the following plugin to make a child them for the code changes and make a backup to have, in case something goes wrong:

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