Linking Categories

Rather than starting a regular blog, I created nine separate categories on the first page, separated by a photo. I want to link each category to the featured blog I write. For instance:

One of the categories is about the Caribbean. I want to link the posts I write for the Caribbean to this category. I want each post regarding the Caribbean to be added to this page. The same thing for each of the other 8 categories when I write about them.

Since my site has not yet launched, I can only attach a video of what I am trying to do. As I scroll down, you can see the categories I want to work with, and need to do links to a page where the blog for each category will be. Can this be done?

I am trying to upload the video…

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So I’m clear.

  • I’m on the home page with the 9 categories
  • I click on the Caribbean post
  • That posts then brings me to a page with all Caribbean related posts

When you write a blog post and add it to the Caribbean category, WordPress automatically generates a category page that will display all Caribbean posts. You could use categories as links for your home page.
I think I’m misunderstanding.

If your video is unable to load, share it via google drive or load it to Vimeo and send a link.

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Here is the video …

Yes, that is exactly how I want it. I am having problems with connecting the categories to the posts, all except one, and the only thing I did with that one was the post title was the same as the category title. I changed the title to something else today and it still links to it. I have posts in two other categories but I just get a 404 (page can’t be found). What am I doing wrong?? Are you able to view the video?