Linking Menu Items to Widgets?


I’m currently trying to link menu items to the parallax widgets on my site. I have tried some previous suggestions listed in these forums, but I am not having any success. Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Please follow the documentation here:

Hi Noda

None of the the videos in the documentation explain how to link the navigation menu to parallax widget items on the front page. Could you explain further?


Please check “10. Navigation Menu Setup” :slight_smile:

Hi, I am having this same issue. The video does not explain how to map to parallax widgets on my site. Please advise. Thanks!

Yes. The video does not talk about this subject matter. Please let us know. Thank you.

I’m confused - can you provide instructions on how to link?

Hey guys

Well, if the video not says anything about the question then this means you are asking something different,
this video is about how to connect menu elements to website sections including parallax section (widget) i really can’t add anything to that video because there is nothing to add, most probably you guys are asking something else, please be more specific on what exactly you want to achieve and i will do my best to help you


Please explain to me where in the video he instructor explains linking menu items to widgets. I have watched the video multiple times. The only thing explained in the video is setting up a menu and connecting them to other pages.

Agree with adf54,

Noda - I’ve watched the video multiple times and it has no instructions on linking menu items to pallarax widgets. Please explain how to do this

afd54 send me your admin details here privately and i will come back with you with some screenshots

password: h!UvDwKvNvsZbH$h

i need url as well :frowning:

Good evening,

ok, please go ahead and check your website,
this is what i did, i just added new menu item “contect” and in the link property i used this: #shapely_home_contact-2
after saving menu you can see the effect, once you click on the contact menu you will be navigated to the contact section at the bottom, same i did with the “about” menu element, i used this link: #shapely_home_parallax-4
please note every parallax section has its own ID, its indicated on the screenshot attached
also, please consider scrolling effect is not available for shapely theme