Linking title and icon in services section

How do i make the icon and title in the services section linking to another page? Ive tried echo inside the tags in servives.php but the whole site gets buggy.

Help would be appreciated!


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Has anyone sorted this for you? I am looking to do the same exact thing with no luck.

Please let me know.

Heb webakr,

I have found a solution for this. Rather than using the “Illdy-Service” widget, use a “text” widget with the following code…

<i class=“fa fa-bolt” style=“font-size:40px;color:#02869f;”></i>
<center><p style=“color:#02869f”><h5>TITLE</h5></p>


Change “fa fa-bolt” to “fa fa-YOURFONTAWESOMEICON”.

If you want to change the hover color using CSS…

#services h5:hover, #services i.fa:hover {
color: #035359 !important;

You can see this in action at


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Happy to see that you found an appropriate workout around.
I’m sure this will be helpful to users with the same query.
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Hey @owengotimer, I go to your website So great. I want to design my website about “Team” as same as your website, but I don’t know. Can you help me?
Thank you so much.

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It seems that them Team Builder plugin was used to make the team section:

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