Links in HomePage Images

Hi. The template works!. Thank you! I need all the posts on the home page to have the link to the full post. It’s possible?

Thank you

Good morning and thank you for the question

By default, they all have links to the full post, can you show me your website?

The images of the 3 main news about the blue background and the 4 news in horizontal layout before the brown banner, they do not have a link to the full post.

Thank you

Good morning

Can you show me your website? please provide url and i will check what is the problem

Yes. Sure!. Thw website is

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These 3 images are not the links, unfortunately, you cant use them as a link to open the article :frowning: titles are supposed to open articles and they are working

Hi. The topic is old, but the problem is the same. Is it possible to customize the theme so that the 3 photos in “Recent post” link to the articles?
Thanks for the answer

hi @mateusz310

Currently, only 2 appears in your website,
Zrobiła Wigilię w listopadzie. Dla umierającej córki » Pamię there is space for one and once new post fall under this tag it will appear here

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I mean the section at the top of the homepage where there are 3 posts.
I really want the photo to be a link as well. Otherwise, the section loses its function, especially on mobile devices.
Regards the team


Ok, got it,
Unfortunately, there is no way to link photos, titles are already linked to the articles