Loader stuck on 99% on mobile

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For most of the times the loader gets stuck at 99% of the time with Illdy. We are using a Woocommerce plugin and it works flawless except for mostly iPhones. Is there anyone known with this issue and how can we fix it


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Please try using this plugin to clear your WordPress cache:

Also, please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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We are not using a caching plugin cause all pages are only Woocommerce built.

Do i still need to install it to clear a cache?

Oh and link is https://bit.ly/2Is6Op2

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The site loaded super fast.

Please clear your browser cache then reload the page and let me know if that helped.

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I know. The site loads fast for me as well, but many people are reporting that the site is stuck on 99%. They have to wait for several minutes before it loads.

Screenshot from one person: https://i.gyazo.com/6f31e8583b47d4dd2a4a7d9a1155eda0.png

But there are several people all with phones and this happens.

When I google Illdy stuck 99 percent I see this topic where the question was not answered but someone else has it:


FYI: disabled the pre-loader, site seems to load without problems…

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Is this ok to have your site with disabled preloader?
t be honest i its much better user experience :wink: