Login button in header for Travelify WordPress theme

Hi! I am trying to put an image in the header, a “login-button” which is going to link to an external booking page outside of Word Press. I have inserted a search box and social icons in the header with some help from the topics in the support forum but can´t find any support in Treavelify theme to put an extra button in the header. I have aa child theme installed for Travelify theme.

Would be vary greatful for som help! I am not good at php but have some knoledge in xhtml and CSS.

Thank you in advance!

Kindest Regards


The process would be very similar as you did with search bar. Just use HTML instead of calling for get_search_form functions.

Here is an example:

// Button inside header via Child Theme functions.php
add_action( 'travelify_header', 'travelify_header_buton' , 10 );

function travelify_header_buton() {
	echo '<a href="#" class="login-button">Button Text</a>';

This code will output a simple URL but you can style it as button. Or if this is not what you are looking for you can use any other HTML that will be printed the same way in header and then you can style in any way you want it using CSS.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.