Login Form v2 by Colorlib not downloading

Recently I am going through your website and I liked the Login Form Login Form v2 by Colorlib which is as on the site Login Form v2 by Colorlib - Free HTML Login Form 2024 - Colorlib . When i Clicked on Download button I got the mail of Confirmation about subscribing. I confirmed it but, then It did not redirected me to download page or give any option to download. I tried from my second E mail too.

Hey there,

Could you please try it again? Sometimes this happens, and if you try it a second time, it will work.

Let me know the results.

This hiccup occurred for me as well. I had to close all browser sessions and then renavigate back to the page, for me was the ‘Login Form v09’, and then it downloaded correctly.

Hello @kmontoya

Thanks for sharing your experience and confirming :slight_smile: