Login Page customizer Plugin does not work anymore

Hi there,
I failed to find any support forum for the plugins made by Colorlib and decided to join your gang and here I will a bit bother you.
Recently I installed a Login Page Customizer Plugin (great plugin, BTW!) and everything worked fine until I decided to add more security to my website and added a Cerber Security Plugin that strongly recommended me to change the login path from mysite/wp-admin.php to the new path.
I did it and now I have a native WP login page back.
Everything works well but so boring and I do not want to use CSS for styling it.

I think your plugin uses wp-admin.php and currently just cannot find it so it does not work.
How to assign a new path to it?

Thanks in advance for your answers…

Hi there

yes, that’s the case, our plugin uses default WordPress access page, unfortunately to change this it will require customization of the plugin functions and I’m afraid I can’t offer support for such questions,