Logo and header is missing

I just realised that my logo and header with menu etc. is just gone. I haven´t done anything to cause this.
It might have happened with the new Shapely update.
www.Printbuy.dk is my site.

Can you please help?

Hi there

Please send me your admin details in a private reply and I will check it


Okay thanks. I will try.

How to reply private??

Sorry I dont know how to reply privately. ;(

Can you please help asap?

Why are you not responding?

Hi there

Sorry for the delay,

Its one of your thrid party plugin, please troubleshoot plugins to reveal which one is doing this.
Deactivate all third party plugins and try again, you will see logo and header will appear, after this start activating plugins one by one until you find causing plugin.

P.s. I removed your admin name and pass from the reply


Okay thanks.
We use elementor, so should I also deactivate those plugins from elementor??
I´m just worried that something bad will happen.

Okay, I found out that it is the Elementor pro plugin that causes the bs.
So I guess I have to go to their support.

Hi there

Yes, indeed, its not related to the theme and you need to contact to the causing plugin support