Logo and images blurry in Chrome

Hi Colorlib team,

I have a problem with my logo and images, they appear blurry in chrome and edge, in firefox they are sharp and in internet explorer, although they look sharp the logo is not keeping the aspect ratio of the site.

The site is https://www.tamamusic.com

Here are all browsers side by side:


I’ve already tried the Regenerate Thumbnails pluging but that didn’t help either.

Hope you can help me out.

EDIT: Just found out that when I set the zoom in Edge and Chrome to 120% percent all images look sharp


Hi there

I just visited your website by Chrome and this is what I have: Monosnap
On my side image is crisp and not blurry, is this problem fixed?

Hey, yes solved it already with this CSS:

img {
image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast;

Ah, cool :slight_smile:

I will mark this case as a resolved @Tama