Logo and other images having links are not working


My site logo and other images like social icons are going to #gallery-1, #gallery-2, #gallery-3 when you click on them. Please check www.aurixis.com


Just tried deactivating a plugin and the issue is fixed.

Btw, can you guide me how to add another full width widget in my front page?

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widgets on the homepage can be added from appearance > customize > from here you will see all possible widgets that can be added on the homepage if you want to add another jumbotron section this is not possible

No, not jumbotron but a full length image widget/section. I have added one on the top and want to add another one in the bottom above the footer. Can I do it?

and one more thing, I would like to know if I can also hide just the [theme:illdy] link from the footer and not the whole copyright text. Is there any css I can use for that?

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You can use the Parallax section widget to get a full width widget on the frontpage.

In order to remove the link, you would have to do so by editing the code in the theme files.

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And would it harm the site if I remove/edit the code in the theme files?

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It would not harm the code as long as you do not remove anything that is important but you can make a backup of the site before hand to ensure that nothing goes wrong:

In any case, this CSS should remove it:

.copyright span:first-child {
    display: none;

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Thanks alot!

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I am glad the solution worked for you.
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