Logo format issue


I’m trying to use a png file for my sites logo and when I bring it in it asks to crop the image. Only there’s no cropping functionality and when you click “crop” you get an error. This doesn’t happen with jpegs.

I need the logo to be transparent so I have to use a png. Please help!


Hello there,

You can try to add the image as it is because in some cases the image is too small to be cropped.

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Unfortunately that’s not the issue. Even when I use larger files (2400x1400 pixels) it does the same thing.

Oddly the same files that don’t work for the logo work for the icon image. Seems like there’s a bug with png files in the logo upload when customizing.

Please help!

Hey there

What error do you get? can you show me a screenshot?
p.s. cropping function is not theme function this is handled by the WordPress and most probably this is not a theme issue, please deactivate all your third-party plugins and try again, also, you can test this problem on the default WordPress theme, try to add a favicon and use the crop function, let me know what happens :wink: