Logo is blurry! How to fix it?

I’ve just activated Shapely and I’m trying to upload my logo but it appears blurry. What size, file type of image I have to use?

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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look


Here is the url http://www.thebreathingspace.yoga
Can you please tell me what kind/size of image should I use?
Also where do I find the size of the images to use in the different parallax and throughout the website to be sharp?

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The log is displayed as a full-size image, this means the image is showing up without a crop or resize, from what i can see its really not sharp, http://www.thebreathingspace.yoga/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/[email protected]
regarding parallax images, you can use size of our image which is 2880*1923, basically all HD images will be ok in parallax section :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. So can please help me and tell me what size I should make the logo to be the same as the default logo of Shapely? and what should i do after i have uploaded the image? crop or skip it? I really don’t understand how it works.
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The logo resolution can be be 200px(L) by 200px(W), it is alright to crop it if you have used a larger image but it is not mandatory.

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I really don’t know how to have a sharp logo! I tried various size and file type but it seems to make no difference.
Do you have any other advice?
Thank you very much

Replying to this thread because I have the same problem. I have tried all sorts of CSS fixes and also the daughter theme code that you guys provided in other threads with the same issue.

Would it be possible to change the theme so that it makes users able to upload crispy logo’s? Recommended size is 75 x 100, but this is simply not enough for a logo. I uploaded mine in like 2000 x 2000 but it still makes no difference. The logo can get bigger or smaller, but the quality never gets better. I also feel like something is going wrong with the cropping proces on Wordpress, maybe Wordpress converts the logo file to something that is lower quality?

The rest of the theme looks super crisp, I just need my logo to look great as well. Hope you guys can fix this somehow. I’ve visited a lot of sites with the illdy theme, but all of them have the same ‘blurry logo’ issue.

What are other themes doing differently with their logos than you guys at colorlib.? Maybe this could be part of the solution.

Would be great to hear from you, cheers :slight_smile:

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manurossi checking your website again and i see you changed logo size now and its 40075, the logo is displayed on the site without crop, without resizing, in other words, 40075px image is displayed without resizing, if you still think that logo is blurry then its not about on how theme or WordPress displays it, its about image, in this case, your image is blurry, however i can’t agree with your logo for me is crispy and it does not have any blurish or pixels
i can say same for @testingjason, can i see your website url?

Thanks for your reply Noda.

I finally found the solution: It had to do with my retina screen that the logo wasn’t sharp!

I used the solution posted in a reply in this thread: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/retina-logo-and-images/

Logo looks great now :slight_smile:

that’s it :slight_smile:
@manurossi how about you?