Logo is not working for Pinbin theme on Galaxy S3


I really like your theme but I am having difficulty getting the logo to display on my Samsung Galaxy S3 – I just get a question mark.

I have replaced my logo with your default logo and still get a question mark.

I won’t be able to use your theme without a strong mobile version is there something I am missing?

Now I see that you are using default Pinbin logo for your website.
Clean WP Super Cache and your web browser cache and logo will be visible.

The question mark on Android means that logo is not there. It could be because of some unsupported file format or other.

Now try to add your logo and notify me so I can check it.

Ok I have uploaded a test logo but am still having the same problem. can you view the new logo on your mobile?

Your logo does work on Galaxy S3, and Chrome for Mac.
If you can’t see it make sure you clean your browsers and your website cache and you will be ready to go.

all done! thank you for double checking. And again, it is a great, clean design you have there.

I have just noticed that the mobile version of the site does not display post excerpts just the photos – is there a way to add post excerpt text as well?

I am aware of this issues. Already submitted updated theme version to WordPress.org. You can expect it to be available later today or tomorrow.

Ok I will look out for it thank you.