Logo issue...


I will use your theme and WP for developing our MTB club website and forums.
Theme looks really clean, simple but yet functional and it has this smooth, pastel green color which we like.

I’m not sure how to import logo though because each time I add image file (I tried both .JPG and .PNG) it wont appear.

What do I do wrong?

Best regards

Media uploaded is powered by WordPress itself, so there is nothing much that can break its functionality.

Have you set “Header Logo Only” checkbox?

As long as you can see logo url in the “Header Logo” field it will work. If that URL is not there, you can just copy paste it from media uploaded and save changes.

Btw, what operating system and browser do you use?


I managed to fix the issue. I was having trouble with the path to the file. It was my mistake not WP or your theme.


P.S. OS is Windows 7 pro SP1 and browser is Chrome (latest version)