Logo Size / Counter problem


I am having trouble setting the logo. My logo is around 1000x250, but when i use this size, the remaining part of the intro moves down. Please help.

website : www.pinapple.care

Also, i am not able to set the counter. I mean, i can select the various options to enable it but it doesnt appear in the webpage. ( only the counter title appears).

Thanks in advance.

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Please try the following CSS code to fix the padding below the logo, you can add it by going to Appearance > Customize >Additional CSS :

#about, #static-page-content {
    padding-bottom: 10px;

In order to edit the counter, you need to go to Widgets > Front page - counter sidebar & place the [Illdy] - Counter widget in there.

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Thanks you so much bro.

But the counter is not working at all. I tried other solutions from other support topics here too.

You can check the website. Only this appears in the counter sidebar (included jpg).

Please help.


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Please go to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and ensure that the bundled plugins have been activated specifically the Illdy Companion.

Also go to Appearance > Widgets > Frontpage - Counter Sidebar and recreate the counter but ensure that you have saved the counter using the blue save button.

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Finally found a solution to the counter not working problem. We have two computers with Chrome installed showing different results: one pc shows the counters rising up, the other one doesn’t. Here is a screenshot of a problem on the second pc:

We had to change the behaviour of illdy code a bit to force the counter increment its value when the section becomes visible (by checking location not visibility).
File with the fix attached. Just upload (back up the original first) the minified js instead the one in …/wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/js

For the devs:
custom .visible() function (var counterVisible = $( ‘#counter’ ).visible();) used in the plugins.js file does not fire the event on some machines (with all latest updates in our case). Probably, this is the reason. Instead of a “.visible()” check, we check the relative location of the counter section and initiate the counters when they are in fact visible for the code.

Checked on linux chrome and windows chrome only.

UPD. System does not let us upload. Here is a link to the min.js file.

Twinhex.com team


I have the same min.js file uploaded on my site and my counter is not running (durihub.com). I’m on google chrome on a windows 10 pc.

Hello @sa3838,

I have checked your website and the counter works.

Please try clearing your browser cache with the following link:

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Could it be something else. I cleared my cache and the same problem exists.

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Could you please provide an image of how it appears on your end?

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Did you manage to resolve the issue here? I’m currently on your site and the counter is working pretty well. You have some pretty large numbers there but its working pretty well.

See the screenshot below

Please let me know if you’re seeing the same thing after clearing your browser cache.

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It is still not running on this laptop but It it is running on my other laptop

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Did you clear the browser cache? Also, what browser are you checking from?

Try loading it from http://durihub.com/?nocache=1 and see how it works.

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

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I tried the link and it’s still broken.