Logo size/editing

How to change the size of my logo on Fashe theme (shopify)

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Please provide a link to the page and I will check it
Have you tried to increase the size of the logo image?

Yes I have tried to increase the size to no avail.

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You are not using the logo at this moment on the site? Screenshot by Lightshot


Now I see it today :slight_smile:

You may use this css code to change the logo appearance:

.logo2 img {
max-height: 100px;

I have an urgent issue that needs solving as it’s resulting in slow sales.

When you click on checkout. there is a message showing that it was successful and the product is in the basket. However when you click on the basket it shows: Your shopping cart is empty! You then have to click on the ‘new customer’ tab next to it for the item to appear in the basket.

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I’m sorry, this problem was reported already and we are waiting for the fix of this problem

Please take our appologies

I am having the same, problem too.
Where do I need to go to in other to paste this code?
I need help as well.


You may use this extension to add custom css:

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Thank you very much for reaching out to me in such little time. I truly appreciate all your help. THANK YOU! <3
Ok, I will try it.

It works! Thanks…

That’s great :slight_smile:

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