Logo too small

Hi there,

I have been through many of the topics posted already but nothing seems to work for me.

My logo appears very small on my website, the biggest I can get it is the size it is now.

I currently have the pixels set at 218x55px (any bigger and it goes smaller/doesn’t make a difference)

here is my website to see yourself: www.forthecreative.com

I want my logo to be roughly 40% bigger.

I don’t think i have a childs theme (I don’t really know what that is either, I don’t know a lot about coding)

any help would be amazing thankyou!!

Hey there

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can try achieving this by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

/*increase logo height*/
.logo {
    max-height: inherit !important;;

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That worked great thankyou!!


Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I’m having issues with getting my logo to display properly in the top navigation bar. Currently, when I add a logo I am forced to crop it and there is a recommended size, which is too small. All I’m trying to do is get my logo to appear crisp at a slightly larger size

Anyway I try it is not crisp and somewhat scaled. How can I achieve the desired results?

The current logo looks fair on the site but is still a little blurry and shows up in my outgoing emails as such


Hello @jahugga,

I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please create a new post for your issue so that we can assist you specifically as this thread has already bee rectified.

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