Looking for a specific wordpress theme

Hello guys!

I am looking for a specific wordpress theme and perhaps some of you can help me where can I find it :slight_smile:
I will briefly describe what theme I mean.

  1. Main page - I would like to have only company logo and categories, as it is shown on attached screen 01.png

  2. After clicking on specific category, I would like to have:

  • all categories (with items on left panel)
  • in main area I would like to have specific items for selected category
    In attached screen 02.png it is shown how it should look like
  1. After clicking on specific item there is item’s page with some description, as it is shown on attached screen 03.png

Ok, so now I will describe it by example. Let’s assume that web page is about vehicles. So, cateories are: cars, motorbikes, trucks and so on. After clicking on cars category, there are cars brands: BMW, Marcedes and so on - these are items. After clicking on specyfic item, for example BMW, there is BMW’s page with description of company.

I would be grateful for any help where I could find the theme described by me :slight_smile:

All the best and have a nice day!

Hi ssomak

Thank you for such a detailed post but im afraid we don’t have such WordPress theme in our site, your case requires little bit more advanced theme than our themes are, so you need to check the premium section of our website form the menu :slight_smile: