Looking for anchors of sections on Frontpage

I have several obstacles with “Portum”, that I try to solve. My site looks a mess right now, so pls ignore the design at this point :slight_smile:

Here’s my issue I hope I get a solution for:
I tried to set a link from a page to a section of the frontpage. I looked into the source-code to find the ID to build a link like https://mydomain.com/#anchor.

Here’s a code snippet:
<section data-customizer-section-id=“portum_repeatable_section” data-section=“6” data-customizer-section-string-id=“contact”>
I tried it with https://the-cats-pyjamas.ch/#contact, but with this the button did not work/react

I found another code beneith the one above:
<div id="contact-754494" class="section-contact section ewf-section ewf-section-visible ewf-text-align–left ewf-section–title-left">

I tried it then with Willkommen - The Cat's Pyjamas, but this opened the frontpage (on top, not at the section “contact”).

Hope someone can help me with that, I’d love to add these anchors to the menu too.


I hope you are doing well today.

I just want to confirm, are you trying to change the anchor links on the page?

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Change… where can I set them for “Contact Section” and “Blog Posts”? These seem to be the ONLY two sections where I cannot set a Section ID. That’s why I asked if I can find the section ID somewhere in the source code.
Thnks, Michelle

Hello there

Sections are not using IDs they have unique HTML tag and you can’t change them or use anywhere, unfortunately this is how theme is coded and without major customization you cant change this rule

Interesting answer! The only section where no section ID can be set in the Customizer are Blog Posts and Contact. That‘s probably the reason, why a Github Issue for enhancement has been opened yesterday :wink:

I mean… of all things that someone would want to link to (from a menu, within a post) are the contact sheet and the newest posts. Pretty weird, that these are the only sections I cannot do that and I‘m not putting up a second contact sheet.

But I am confident, that the enhancement of adding a field into the customizer for a section id to contact and blog too is being realized. Thanks again to Mihaela who was very helpful with all my questions!

:wink: i guess we are talking about different ID’s, yes IDs can be set from the customizer but on the frontend, they do not default HTML tags, we use custom tags for ID’s and that’s what i meant if you use dev tools of browser you will see what i mean… perhaps this is lack of my attention, i should mention this in my previous reply :slight_smile:
lastly, is your question already addressed? :slight_smile:

never mind… there ARE no section ID’s in the customizer for “Blog Posts” and “Contact” (see printscreens attached).

That’s why a Github issue has been opened (https://github.com/MachoThemes/portum/issues/222) for an enhancement of the customizer of Potrum.

The issue has been solved at Anchor of the sections on Frontpage? | WordPress.org

thank you for understanding and thank you for sharing solution :slight_smile: