Looking for lightweight themes

I bought the unlimited license and am looking for the lightweight themes, but they seem to all be 3rd party or do not exist for download. Please advise.

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Thank you for choosing us :slight_smile:
You can find all website templates here on this link: 1500+ Best Website Templates 2021 - Colorlib
if you are logged in with the same account you will be able to see the download button for each template

Let me know if it worked or if you still have any problem

I am and I do not see a download button - only the option to purchase a new license.


Yes, if you want to use them you have to purchase, they are paid templates

I already purchased the unlimited license - I was under the impression that the unlimited license would give me access to all templates.

That being said, even the “Free templates” are problematic, they don’t show or link out to a 3rd party site that charges a fee to use.

hey there

There must be a problem, if you bought an unlimited license then you will have access to all templates, please double check it

Can I send a screen shot? For example, when I go to Appli - Free App Promotion Website Template Design 2021 - Colorlib for the free light weight template, I am logged in under my email and I scroll down and see that I need to pay in order to download. I can privately send you my confirmation if you’d like to verify.

Also, I’m finding many of the templates or themes link out to a 3rd party site where I have to pay there as well.

hey there

Stay tuned I’ve sent your ticket for verification

Could you please check again? It should be working now.
If you don’t have a password you need to reset it here Purchase History - Colorlib