Looking for non Wordpress Theme and HTML5 templates


I am looking for non-Wordpress themes/templates that I can integrate into our own website (php/html based). These themes and templates must be customizable, responsive, mobile device friendly and preferably with a design and layout geared towards higher education.

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.


Hey there

There are nearly a thousand HTML templates in our library:


I purchased https://colorlib.com/preview/#academy but I dont see a readme file or even instructions on how to get started. All I see are the css, jss folders along with MS Word docs instead of actual html pages. Having HTML pages would be helpful to get an idea of how the css elements are coded into html.

Can you point me to the person who can assist?


Hi there

its an HTML template, it doesn’t have any getting started the file, if you ever worked with the HTML templates then you will be able to set up it in no time

Just upload it on your server main directory and you will have a working website, all you need is to edit your template after it