Lost all customization (wp-confing issue)

Hi, I’m having a big issue and I’m not sure how it happened.

I’ve made a lot of custom changes vía de apearance menu. I’ve also made changes in php files (vía ftp) where I added new new blocks in the exisiting sections. When I searched for issues, I’ve read that theme updates could brake all my site, leaving all the changes behind. So founded that changing the versión in the styles.css file fixed this possible problem. I did it and put 9.9.9 version.

The third thing I did, and possible the most dangerous, is modifing the wp-config file. Changed the charset cause some strange characters appeared in the blocks I manualy added. Just change from utf8 to latin1, backuped file and replaced. When I did this it started to collapse. So I took the backup file and replaced again. But since then nothing would be the same. All the apearence and content changes I’ve made seems to be lost.

My site is http://widu_test.com.ar but is in private mode.

Please help me!


Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

The thing is that because you made changes to the other PHP files, those may have also caused the issue. Are you able to login to the WordPress admin panel?

If you replaced the updated file with the original but this issue happened then there may not be a lot we can do here besides reinstalling the theme.

Best Regards,