Lost Custom CSS after updating Sparkling theme

Thank you once again for producing such fantastic themes. They are so easy to use straight from the box.

After the last WordPress update (just 2 days ago), I updated a variety of plugins and themes on a few sites, so I’m not exactly sure as to the timing of what may have caused this.

However, on one of the sites - edenbridgefoundation.org I’m still developing that is using the Sparkling theme, it completely lost all the custom CSS that I added under appearance/theme options/other/custom css, after the update.

I’m using a child theme, so the edits I made directly to the child theme files are still valid, just the ones I posted into the custom css fields.

I did have a curious side issue, that after that same series of updates, the timely calendar plugin that I use ran out of PHP memory and errored out. I was able to resolve this by increasing the memory, but I didn’t know if it was related.

Here’s the bottom line of what I’m getting at:

  1. I was able to retain a large amount of the custom css data, but there is still some more that I lost. Is there a backup of it in one of the tables and how do I get to it.

  2. In all truth, it’s not a huge deal, but I thought you might be interested in knowing that it happened.


This thread might give you more idea about what is going on.

Some things you can do:

  • Revert back to older version of this theme as all settings are stored inside database. From there you can copy Custom CSS that you had and take some notes for what Theme Options you had.
  • All old settings are still stored inside wp_options table options_name is sparkling-child or whatever you used to setup child theme. All settings are still in that table, so you can take a note and input them again via Theme Options.

We had to update Options Framework to address potential security vulnerabilities. This is a one time thing and from here you won’t experience any problems with future updates.

Sorry for inconvenience.