Main blog page shows full post instead of excerpt only for 1 blog post

Hi there I am currently working with a WordPress site that uses Shapely for it’s theme. The blog is setup to point to a static full width page that shows all blog posts published.

The reader settings are set to excerpt in WordPress and no external plugins are in place regarding post excerpts.

I have gone to publish a blog post however which is set to private and when I go to preview the blog page whilst logged into WordPress all posts show with no excerpt just title, image and read link however this one blog post shows a full preview of the entire content.

I originally fixed this by adding a featured image which was missing however the issue has started appearing again and I need to get it sorted before I can publish the post live.

Wondering if this is a known issue and there is a workaround I can apply.

Thank you

Hi there

You need to utilize Excerpts or read more link, check this out: How to Properly Use the More Block in WordPress


Hi there thanks for replying unfortunately this doesn’t work for us as we are using the classic wordpress editor. It only seems to affect this post all other blog posts don’t have the issue

Hi there

You can use Excerpts in this case, but even in classic editor you can use Read more as well