Main header menu items in illdy clash with background image

Hi, two things I havn’t been able to figure out since yesterday.

1)the main header menu is white with yellow hover. The white clashes with my background image. I don’t want to change the white color, because I like it.

I would like to add a black background area behind each menu item in the header. I have seen this on websites but I can’t figure out how to do it.I want a similar shaped backdrop as the main call to action buttons ‘‘behind’’ each menu item.

Similar to this (but a more elegant version) not square.

  1. I want to remove the first call to action button and move the second to the middle of the page.

The first part could also be resolved by shifting the entire main theme up about 0.5cm because the background image is completely black at that location.


I’m happy that you found the solution for the menu items color.

If you delete the first button information from the Customize, it should and will remove the button completely, so let me know if you got this alright, as well.

Best regards

I didnt find the solution. I am saying that it ‘‘could’’ be solved by shifting the main navigation menu up, but i havn’t been able to do this.

Oh I see it now, I thought that you already made that work once you mentioned it.

Can you please provide me the website link so I can have a live investigation and send you the requested fix?

Kind regards


I have the same problem, the color of the menu text is white and conflicts with my background (also white). I do want to change the color of the menu text. Can you provide me with the css code?
I use the Illdy theme.

Hi @moniek,

Please post a new thread with your request because we want to keep the forum easy to follow.

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