Main Menu buttons not working with left mouse-click


Im new to Wordpress and im making a website for a personal school assignment.
The main menu buttons like Home, Photo’s, Contact does nothing when you click it with left mouse button. It works if i click right mouse button and the menu open in new tab option comes. The problem is in both Google Chrome and Safari.


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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

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Please try disabling any third party plugins that were not bundled with the theme as one of them may be causing a conflict with the links.

Also, have you added any new code to the theme?

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Sorry for the late answer, it was the Preloader plugin causing this. It finally works!

I have another question; I wanted to place small images in the footer. I have added this via the footer.php file because the customizer didnt give the result i wanted. But the image doesnt show up when i add it like: . I tested it with different images and placed the image in the same folder where the footer.php and other theme files are placed but still see nothing? What am i doing wrong?

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In reference to your question here, I would instead suggest on navigating to the Appearance>Widgets section and drag the image widget on the left to the Footer Widget sections. You can then set the images you want displayed within the widgets.

Please let us know if this helps.

This worked fine, i have set flexbox on them and display:inline and in Chrome it looks okay:
But in safari it looks like this:
Any idea what i can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance