Main Menu can I change color of button for active page

Using this theme with multiple pages instead of the single page… works great so far… But I need to have the current page highlighted in the main menu… Basically if I’s on the contact page I want to have CONTACT on the main menu highlighted… Home page, Bio, Blog… each page when you are on it… any way to modify this?
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Let me see it, please provide a link to your website

Its a staging site located here
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Try this css code:

.current-menu-item {
background: #0d0c63;

Add it in appearance > customize >additional css

FANTASTIC! Works great… One more thing… what would the CSS be top change the color of the text link in that buton… so if I made the background a light color with your CSS how would I chage the text to a dark color?

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In this case, you may use something like this:

.current-menu-item a {
color: red;

Perfect!! thank you!!

You are welcome Steve :slight_smile:

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