Main menu is not showing properly


I am designing a website on my localhost server and while using ilidy I found that my menu does not show properly.
While in the customizer it shows the menu icon and when I click on is the menu drops down like normal, however when I publish the site and go to it, I just see a list of pages. Any clues how to fix this?

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You may need to clear your browser cache and reload the page or the localhost settings are the issue and it will appear correctly in the live environment, I have seen this to be the case many times.

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I have posted the website online and I am still having issues. When I look at the website on my phone or tablet it shows up properly, however when I visit it on my laptop It still only shows the links instead of the dropdown menu. How do I fix this?
The website is:

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Hi Nick,

It seems the menu items are very large text, so that it will come to the second line, try reduce the number of menu items, or the number of texts in the menu item, use submenu so that the menu will hold in one line like the demo.

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