Main Page Centered

Hi there,

The posts on my main page look good except the columns are not centered, they are to the left.

I have done what has been recommended by adjusting the Functions Js and added the code to the style, but the columns keep aligning left?

I really need to have the main page centered. any help is appreciated!



I don’t know which method you were trying to use but I am sure that adding this to functions.js

isFitWidth: true,

right after

isAnimated: true,

Will do the trick.

Then just style CSS accordingly:

#post-area {
    margin: 0 auto;
#wrap {
    margin-left: 0;

Hi Aigars,

I tried what you mentioned but still no change. The individual posts are centered but not the main page…

Still looking and trying different things.


If i cant get it working i might need to send you my files to cast your eye over thanks!

It’s working now!


I will post what i did later so others can see.