( main page ) how to link menu link?


i had success to install this nice theme, but i have a question.
i would like to link every menu link to some parts ( widgets ) of my hompage.

For exemple : i click on “contact” in my top menu, and the homepage scroll to contact section.
i think i need to put a section ID ( #contact ) but i don’t know how to put it inside the widget …

Thanks !

Hi there

Thanks for choosing our theme :slight_smile:

I understand your problem, please check our documentation about that and let me know if you still need any assistance:


Finally go it !
now searching a way to increase to speed of the scrolling… i have also a position problem.
if i click on a menu button, the scroll no stop at the right position.

Hi there.

Im so sorry to say but there is no option to change the speed of the scrolling,

Regarding position - May I take a look? please provide URL of the page.


i work actually with local server.
i want customize this theme a lot, but it’s really not easy…

Hi there

Can you please upload it to the live server? It’s not easy to support a website on a local server.


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Hello here.

u can find the website i did here : https://ppf-courtage.fr

i had many problems and i solved a lot of, but i still have some issues :

1-/ the speed of the one page ( when u click a button ) is very slow… i wish find a way to speed up this !
2-/ after having click on a menu button, u can see a sort of line square surrounding the button… how to remove it ?
2-2-/ when u click on a menu button, the sliding is not precise… it not stop exactly on the top of the concerned section !
3-/ i tried to center the Kaliform ( contact ) on the middle of the page… but can’t do it.
4-/ in my Footer : first column : my links to sections not working… i don’t know why

thank for your help !

Hi @Stef

Sorry, I can only see the coming soon page, can you please temporarily disable it?