Main Page Social Icons sharing and Canel the Hamburger Menu help

Hi and thank you for great WordPress Theme

I am just install and building the new web site with Shapely Theme

I have two problems that I cant find any solutions

1 - Social icons. I watch the video and did exactly same steps according to Youtube training video. But during I am addicting any account from Instagram or Facebook or any Social account in Customize - Menus- Create new menu - Social Menu , It not allowed me add any icon , give some notification that Something wrong please wait couple of second and try again. I try also add Follow us widget into Footer section. I can see in footer the Follow Us type but I cant add any social icon . I did not add any CSS code or HTML code.

2- Second problem I would like on top of my main page , main menu will not hiding under the Hamburger menu section. Just stay in line on top of page. But I didn’t find any options to cancel hiding menu under of Hamburger menu option. Could you let me know please how cancel it

for more information web page domain address is :

Thank you very much

Hi there,

  1. The icons are added automatically after adding a custom link to the menu you have set as the social menu. That’s all that is needed from you. If there is an error could you check with your plugins first by disabling all except the ones the theme requires and recommends. See if that has an improvement on this and if not then make sure you are using PHP 5.6 or higher on your server with a PHP memory limit of 128 MB or higher if possible.

  2. There is no option to disable the menu from being responsive i.e. hiding under hamburger menu section. You will need to do you own customization to get it to not be responsive. This not really within our support but you can contact the guys here for customization help -

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer

Actual regarding the Social icons , I cancel the all none recommended plugins from theme and try it again.

Widget Menu still not workings and giving error

For Follow us footer widget only could add Instagram link. Pinterest , Facebook or any other social account doesn’t working. The loading wheel spinning but nothing happen.

I check the Php and memory , all looks ok

Hamburger Menu isn’t big deal I pass it , if I could fix the social icons it is ok for me

Thank you

Hi there,

You did not mention anything to do with - Widget Menu still not workings and giving error - in your earlier message.
We are assuming you are trying to add the social icons to the social menu i.e. this The process in that video should work.

As for the new issue - Widget Menu still not workings and giving error - could you clarify please with what the error is and what you are trying to do.

The current widget on the footer is a jetpack widget and not a widget from the theme. If you are having issues with it then contact jetpack’s support on that.


Hi .

In attachments , you could see the Follow us widget problem and Social Icon menu problem . I take both of screen shoot for you. In two ways I cant save any icon. Only by Follow us widget , I did Instagram account link. But other any link doesn’t working.

If all this widget comes from Jet pack , I am happy to open ticket with them. Just looking for my answer.


Same Ticket open into Jet Pack support page also

Thank you


Have you tried plugin deactivation so far?
let me know what they say, but before this you disable plugin or switch to default theme and check if you still have the same problem

HI Noda

Yes i try the deactive the plugins or change the theme. This is quite weird, cause i can add just one icon which is Instagram ,only by Follow us widget ( I think made my jetpack) . Social icon option not working in any circumstances. I tried all combinations to make social icon. If you visit the you could see in the footer just Instagram icon ,

I think i watch the your traning video for social icon 100 times. I did every step in same. But it stuck.

I am not pro level Wordpress user but i think something in wordpress core system not suitable with this options.

I will let you know if they will comment me for help

Thank you for your help


Yes, this is their jetpack widget and i think they can better assist on this
Let us know if you have anything around our theme